On the surface, the shared audio and visual language of HEXN and Black Lagoon can be easily recognized as a combination of synthesizers and Middle Eastern sounds, psychedelia, and cosmic landscapes, ancestral vibrations and enveloping echoes.

However, a deeper analysis allows us to perceive the conjugations of their personal universes—two sides united by a similar intent yet clearly reflecting the different perspectives of the two artists.

The physical edition of the record—a limited-edition of 150, multi-colored, 12″ vinyls enriched by the artwork of Mik Boiter on the front cover—were released by Non Piangere Dischi and Slimer Records on July 3.

HEXN are Alberto Brunello, a modern-day shaman who collects and reinterprets timeless sounds, ranging from mystical folklore to electronic experimentation. His music channels elements of psychedelia, primitive technoid beats, ritual songs, and dark drones, balanced on the subtle threads between past, present, and future.

Black Lagoon is the solo project by Andrea Signorini (Afraid !, Hell Demonio, Hallelujah!). Attuned to the cosmic soup, he manifests utopian visions, echoes of sequences, and tribal flows that move remote memories through matter, time, and space.


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