New Noise Magazine is stoked to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of Death Spells by Holy Fawn. The group instills a decadent experience of ambience within their music. Full of depth and embracing a distinctive heaviness, a comforting trance rings through the sonic journey.  Take a listen to this sonic adventure below and get lost in the enriching landscape that Death Spells paints.

“It’s honestly been such a long process. We started playing some of these songs nearly 3 years ago in Evan’s (Guitarist) dad’s living room and fine-tuning those/adding more to the songs since the release of Realms (2015 Release) in order complete this record.

We recorded, mixed & mastered the entire album over 15 months once all the writing/demoing was done; which is probably a much longer time than any band should ever need. I think we were (maybe more just me, to a fault I’ll add) nitpicking every second of it and ended up re-tracking a lot of it as well until we knew we weren’t settling on anything.

We focused a lot of ourselves to make this album something you could experience beginning to end, a journey you can fully immerse yourself in and get lost within. I think we were able to touch on a lot of the underlying feel/theme of what Realms was and elaborate/expand on it greatly to exist as a separate related body. The atmosphere/world of each song feels familiar but also just feels a lot more detailed to me, more vast. Lyrically it’s a culmination of loss, the sacredness of nature, death, the constant struggle of dealing with taming mental pain, love, and the realms that exist within us and ones beyond ours that influence us as people and our lives.” – Ryan Osterman, vocals/guitar

Holy Fawn describes themselves as four creatures making “loud, heavy, pretty music,” which vaguely encompasses their sound. It’s a darker shade of shoegaze with elements of post rock’s engulfing wall of sound. They rely on strong lyrical imagery of nature along with atmospheric guitars reverberating in a swirl to create vast sonic landscapes that transports the listener to otherworldly realms; outside and within.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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