Huxley are breaking onto the scene with their debut, self-titled album. Channeling arena rock goodness with a raw edge, this record is downright fun.

“We have declared this day Rock’s Revival!” the band says. “With one EP, we call to arms all rock loyalists and misfits to band under one roof. This is only the start of what happens when you let your Hux loose.”

Hard rock is nothing without swaggering bravado, and Huxley have it in spades. The New Jersey natives ooze a sense of self-confidence on their debut EP. This is not their first rodeo, though the band has transformed themselves from the previous guise of Endless Sacrifice, where for 10 years they played infectious metalcore. Feeling that a shake-up was necessary, they brought that project to an end with a highly successful farewell show and changed a few members before starting up Huxley earlier this year.

That catchiness from their previous incarnation carries through to the new material. “If I Ruled The World” shows a band bursting with eagerness and determination, but each track packs a formidable punch, with mature songwriting and anthemic choruses to put them in the same league as Alter Bridge and Velvet Revolver.

The riffing is immediate with subtle nods to technicality and underpinned by a tight rhythm section. Singer Doug channels Corey Taylor in Stone Sour mode in his impassioned delivery, whether in softer moments or gritty belting on “Girl Thang.” The production, ably handled by Chris Kelly of Galactic Empire, allows each layer to shine, and with closed eyes, it is easy to imagine these five leveling venues.

In short, these hits easily rival those of the stadium rock acts that Huxley are inspired by, and judging by the caliber of this EP, it won’t be long before they join them on those stages. Your new favorite rock ‘n’ roll band is in town.

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  1. This is a great release. I cannot wait to see what the future of this band holds!

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