California based punk rockers Infamous Stiffs have returned with a new album, Kill For The Sound, out August 6th on Die Laughing Records.

New Noise are proud to premiere Kill For The Sound in full below:

Kill For The Sound is a no-frills, guns blazing showcase of modern punk—equal parts insightful and pissed off with plenty of anthemic tunes to scream at your steering wheel on your way to the office.

Fans of classic acts like Black Flag, The Ramones, MC5, Stiff Little Fingers and Sham 69 will find something to love on Kill For The Sound but make no mistake, the band has their own crushing sound that has earned them the title of the kings of “tooth chipping punk rock n’ roll.”

Each track is ablaze with everything we love about classic punk—a mixture of anger, humor and hope that hurtles forward at breakneck speed with plenty of memorable and anthemic moments along the way.

A spoken word performance from Jack Grisham of TSOL fame on the badass video for “Freak Parade” is a highlight of the release- setting the tone for a sincere exploration of the punk ethos and showing the band at the peak of their songwriting skills.

Pre-order Kill For The Sound here.

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