Emerging out of the Roman metal scene in 2017, Inno was founded by four veterans with the aim to create something that would differ from their past experiences within the metal world. 

After spending a few months exploring their dormant influences, Inno came to shape, a dark, doomy, heavy and progressive sound akin to eclectic acts such as Katatonia and The Gathering.

Italian dark metallers Inno, featuring current and former members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, The Foreshadowing, and Novembre, will release their highly anticipated debut album The Rain Under on February 28 via Time To Kill Records.

The Rain Under was produced by the band and mixed by Marco Mastrobuono and Giuseppe Orlando in Rome. Mastering was handled by renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen (Katatonia, Volbeat, Epica). Last but not least, the cover artwork was created by Decline Design.

How did the Inno project get started? Your main/previous bands are quite different in style.
Cristiano: we created Inno with the exact intention to make it different from our previous projects. Marco and Giuseppe had wanted to play together in a band for quite a while, and when Marco moved not far from where I used to live, exactly in the moment I was stepping down from touring duties with my band Fleshgod Apocalypse, things really started to fall into place. We decided to ask Elisabetta then to join us, as she’s not only a great singer, but she could complete our idea, adding up to it and enriching the project. We knew we shared a huge passion for sad and doomish metal, and we wanted to create something beautiful coming from that place. We are super excited about the result.

How would you categorize, if pressed, Inno’s music? Dark/gothic metal, I get, but there’s a lot of stratification now that even a hybrid like that needs further clarification these days
Marco: It’s very hard to find the right ‘name’ for a kind of music. I’m pretty sure we didn’t create anything new, but we are so much influenced by a lot of stuff, not only music. I have always been a fan of sad music, and I tried to capture the sadness in any listening of my life.

With Inno, I just tried to concentrate and talk about all the experiences of my life. I’m terrible at writing lyrics, so I just try and capture those feelings by composing music. We put some progressive, some death metal, some doom, some gothic atmosphere … We are still shaping the sound, and we’ll experiment more during the writing process for the new songs.

Why the title The Rain Under? Can you go deeper into the lyrical content and the things that inspired you lyrics wise?
Elisabetta: Basically, the lyrics talk about dreams and memories, so something that everyone can easily understand, and my intention was exactly to have a direct contact with people. Each songs refers to a specific nightmare and the sensations that a nightmare leaves the day after, especially when based on real events. Using a play of words between “rain” and “reign,” the title of our first album represents a wonderful, frightening and unknown reign of dreams.

Marco: Just kidding; the rain/reign stuff is our homage to Slayer.

Are the music and lyrics a kind of therapy or catharsis for you in real life?
: For me, it really is cathartic. I often find myself relieved of sadness and heavy feelings just by thinking of writing music. I guess you could say it’s always better out than in.

Elisabetta: Of course they are. I’ve always been a big dreamer ( a daydreamer … not only while sleeping!), but when I turned 15, I started to suffer from sleep paralysis, something that totally freaked me out at the beginning. This soon became my favorite subject to draw and the best inspiration for lyrics and music!

Any chance we’ll hear Inno on stage?
Absolutely,  yes! We can’t wait to bring our music on stage, but we are looking for the best situation to promote our music live. We don’t want to play at all costs just to write on Facebook NEW SHOW! COME TO SEE US! NOW! We would like to create something that people will appreciate as a real dramatic show, not only four people playing distorted guitars.

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