New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive stream of Together Alone from Lone Wolf. A mix of gnashing guitars and biting melodies helps keep the energetic blend of punk pushing through the entire record. “Runaway” is an immediate highlight upon the first listen, but each song has a brand of charm unique to Lone Wolf. Take a listen to the record below, and find it available on October 4th, 2019 via Stardumb Records.

“A year after releasing our debut we’re beyond excited to present our second album. I think it’s the most consistent songwriting I ever done and love how the record sounds more Albini-esque and closer to how we sound live. Although dark at times, the songs are still uplifting and with the right energy. Give it a spin and we hope you feel the same excitement we did as making this album.”

Pre-Order Together Alone here: Europe | US | Japan (Co-Release with Waterslide Records)

Their sophomore record in question is equally as consistent as their 2018 debut. Upbeat, catchy tunes that will keep your focus, falling somewhere between Marked Men, Leatherface, Sheer Mag, Rocket From The Crypt and the Ramones. Topped off with the combination of the dual-vocal duties by Merel and Ox. On Together Alone, the songs are slick, have emotion, but with enough balance that it sits very closely ton their debut, albeit with a tad more of an Albini-esque production sound.

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