Album Premiere: Lotus Kid – ‘All.The.Things.You.Dread’

Lotus Kid are a Pennsylvania pop punk band and their sophomore EP All.The.Things.You.Dread, drops tomorrow. Inspired by religion, loss, anxiety and friendship, the EP is bouncy and abrasive. Full of energy and hooks, the EP is perfect for fans of punchy pop punk like WSTR, Bearings or Like Pacific. Engineer Gary Cioni (Sorority Noise, Free Throw, and Hot Mulligan) produced the release, which explains the enhanced pop sensibility and layered guitar.

“I like ‘Beneath My Stride’ because the lyrics are the first song we’ve released about religion,” singer Mikey O’Toole said. “Every other song we have written is about a specific situation, relationship, person, or place in our lives. This is our first song about a large universal concept.”

An EP which was fun to make, All.The.Things.You.Dread has some bittersweet tracks like “Open Sore” and “S.A.D.”. Dealing with a “close-minded” manager at the time, the track was written from frustration. Butting heads and constant friction, the team had a falling out. Luckily, the group were not sore long when it came to “Open Sore” and the rest of the EP.

“The tension was becoming unsafe and counterproductive so we parted ways. I wrote the lyrics one frustrating evening over Zack jamming the high energy punk verses on an acoustic guitar,” O’Toole said. “The guy ended up getting clean and moving to Atlanta. We recently reconnected via FaceTime during quarantine and he heard the song through a mutual friend. We both laughed about it and apologized to each other.”

Citing “S.A.D.” as their most worked on track, Cioni was a major source of help and insight with the song. The bridge more or less appeared, which “ended up being recorded is pretty much our first instinct,” O’Toole said.

 “It was refreshing to have somebody new in the songwriting process and I’d like to do it again in the future,” O’Toole said.

The EP is available for streaming on Soundcloud here.

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