Want to feel old and weird? Your favorite band from high school turned 25 this year. Assuming your favorite band are Mad Caddies, that is. If not, I’m sure Less Than Jake will have an album dropping soon, so hang tight.

It’s been a long journey for the Mad Caddies since emerging during the salad days of California’s skate-punk and third-wave ska boom of the ’90s. They survived in a scene that has seen countless turnovers and transitions in a period lasting longer than some of their fans have been alive.

Staying afloat on successive waves of garage rock revivals, metalcore takeovers, effluent floods of emocore, and now wading through a resurgent clash of crossover thrash and NYC style hardcore, they’ve managed to remain relevant, rambunctious, and most of all, fun.

The Caddies had a stacked itinerary at the start of this year, but god (or the devil) had different plans. With the pandemic still spreading like wild-fire (and also, actual wild-fires spreading throughout California), any celebration of the band’s long and storied career had to be shelved for the time being. This ended up being a blessing in disguise though, as it led to the guys returning to some tracks that they had written after the release of their 2014 LP Dirty Rice through 2017 but never got around to finishing.

New Noise are now extremely proud to present to you the fruits of this long creative gestation, as a consolation of sorts for all the good times that had to be placed into forbearance this year. You can stream the entirety of Mad Caddies’s new EP House on Fire ahead of its official release on October 16, on Fat Wreck Chords below, right now!

Make sure you have enough space to safely skank in your living room, and then smash play on this bad mama:

On the lead single and video for “Let it Go,” the first song off of House on Fire, the band offered the following:

“This one is straight from the heart, about attempting to salvage a dying relationship. The video, mostly filmed during quarantine, mirrors the loneliness in the song with a few laughs.”

The songwriting process for House on Fire was a collaborative effort, with frontman Chuck Robertson leading the charge. The majority of studio work on the EP was done during quarantine with longtime creative collaborator Thom Flowers (Lagwagon, the Ataris). The band’s drummer Todd Rosenberg did the mixing.

Most of the album covers the familiar territories of ska-punk, and punk-ska, but there are some real throwbacks and surprises as well, like the doo wop-inflected R&B of “Waiting For The Real Thing,” and the folk-punk powerhouse “Wake My Baby.”

The former should satisfy ska scholars who regret the fact that R’n’ B doesn’t always get its due with ska and punk, and the latter will surely delight fans of either/both Alkaline Trio and Mariachi El Bronx, and any fans who also happen to be planning a wedding for after COVID. Can you imagine dancing to “Wake My Baby” with your aunts and uncles while trying not to bust out of your tux and/or dress? Because we can, and it makes us very very happy.

Even at only five tracks long, there is a lot to love on House on Fire.

Preorder Mad Caddies’s House on Fire from Fat Wreck Chords here.


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