On their self-titled album, out October 29 through Fast Break! Records, Chicago outfit channel a ‘90s East Coast hardcore influence filtered through their own grim Midwest visage.

Listen to our exclusive stream of MH Chaos in full below:


Fronted by one of the most pissed-off vocalists since Paul Bearer, MH Chaos are influenced by some of the heaviest NYHC acts of yore, including Neglect, Madball and Merauder. Another more local influence is the legendary Chicago outfit, The Killer (whose members also make guest appearances on the forthcoming album).

Speaking on the band’s sound and message, guitarist Anchit states:

“Well, the band name was taken from 1960’s CIA operation that was meant to expose and destroy protest groups who may have been minorities fighting racial inequities or anti-war groups. We took the name but in our case, our band members come from all over, I was born in India, our singer Dave and our drummer Alex are Mexican, our bassist Evan relocated from New York and then there’s our other guitarist TJ, who’s Italian. We bring exposure to the issues of our people and our scene through our music.”

This energy also translates to the band’s live show where the blistering energy has earned them raves while sharing bills with notables including Madball, Knocked Loose, Death Before Dishonor, Sanction, Death Threat and Queensway.

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