N + [ B O L T ] are here with their new heavy, glorious soundscape of a record, N(77) / [B O L T], out January 10 via dunk!records.

N + [ B O L T ] is the longstanding and ongoing collaboration project of drone artist N with drone/doom band [ B O L T ]. The music combines the unique, signature sounds of each act to create a new take on the ambient/drone/doom genre.

The symbiosis of N’s guitar sound with the two basses and drum sound created by [ B O L T ] ranges from very subtle and fragile soundscapes to a slow and deafening wall of sound. The albums explore the darker sides of music with a focus on intense noises, rhythmic and marching drones and dark soundscapes.

N(77) / [ B O L T ] is the latest output of this collaboration project and also the first release on dunk!records. The album joins the band‘s diversified release catalogue and is the first release with percussion and cymbals.

“This is neither punk rock nor trip-hop, neither hardcore nor alternative,” the band say. “This is something to dive into. You have to allow the sounds the necessary space, invest time, and stay open-minded. We expect a lot from the listener, but in return, the music offers many layers and structures.”

Most dunk!records releases are available via A Thousand Arms in the U.S.

Check them out on Bandcamp to hear more. 


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