Pornohelmut’s Bang Lord, out February 14 via Atypeek Music and Show & Tell, is creepy, psychedelic, and sexual, and we have the honor of presenting it to you first.

“Over a year ago, I sat down to try and create some demo tracks to book a few shows in Europe,” says Neil Barrett, the mind behind Pornohelmut. “This thing quickly fought to become an all-consuming monster of a first record. And I let it. I allowed it to be whatever it was going to be and go where ever it wanted. It turned a bit feral.

“It grew a lot of crooked limbs, some pretty sharp teeth. It’s a little scattered and unfocused; it crosses a lot of conventional boundaries, defies simple genre categorization, and generally seeks to perplex and entice or otherwise offend the listener. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you hate it. I hope it makes you feel something. ”

Bang Lord marks Pornohelmut’s first studio album release, a multifaceted crystallization of industrial noise, punk rock, metal, experimental electronics, and violently enigmatic percussion that tests the boundaries and proclivities of underground music at large. The album was engineered by Barrett at Hell’s Kitchen, mastered by James Plotkin, and features artwork by Josh Paul.

Snag the album and hear more here. 


Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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