Psychobuildings are excited to release their latest album, Blackout, out October 16. 


Blackout is a documentation and expression of the suffering and struggles we have been facing collectively and in our own lives individually,” says Peter LaBier. “A blackout, be it on a personal level or national level, contains darkness and even potentially loss—but there is also room for reflection and ecstatic transcendence.

“This album, Blackout, was written to embody the spirit of the complexity of those associations. It is in some sense a response to the moment in a topical sense—the unrest in the country that has been simmering to a crescendo— and an exploration of the unknown within our personal lives and in the world at large due to the pandemic.

“Despite the gravity of the moment, this record is not without joy and revelation— as our collective descent into the unknown may entail the opportunity for renewal, transformation and change.”

Photo by Tom Hinesart 

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