Avant-garde post-apocalyptic rock unit Queen Elephantine are set to release their forthcoming, sixth studio album, titled Gorgon, on November 8th via Argonauta Records. Gorgon‘s dissonant riffs will pull you down a river of unearthly atmospheres, guided by the incantations of sardonic fakirs, unravelling their final sermon before the cosmos combusts.

Now based in Philadelphia, QUEEN ELEPHANTINE was formed in 2006 in Hong Kong by Indian musician Indrayudh Shome, the son of a temple dancer, before he moved to the United States a couple of years later with his project.

Fans of their earliest output — a split with the mighty Elder and their debut album Surya — celebrated the loose psychedelic epics over a meditative, repetitive, heavy foundation of bass and percussion. However, their following releases — a split with Sons of Otis and their second album Kailash — destroyed all expectations and established the group as fearless explorers of the inner realm. 

The band’s global heritage is clear in the sound and the facade of a doom metal band soon collapses into a spiritual yearning that worships Master Musicians of Jajouka and Peter Brötzmann beside Burning Witch.

“This album comes at a time of destruction and transition. We as a species have come to the very edge of our ego’s project and must face the fact that we are interconnected and interdependent. Our countries, our cities, our identities are all lies. Under all these skyscrapers we’ve built, the soil which feeds us is rotting. It’s time for us to evolve beyond our thirst for power and possession and embrace the balancing power of chaos. The solution is dissolution. Let the wisest sages among us dismantle their own crowns and take their place among us as mere specs of ash dancing at the whims of the wind. And yet the ego struggles, chugging that sweet gasoline and firing up its hell raising motor chariot.”


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