With a hypnotic twirl of sonic embrace, Deep Dream is an atmosphere of distraught nights. Richard James Simpson brings forth a claustrophobic sounds burning together. Deep in the clouds are glimpses of melody, but they are being torn in an ever cold world. Take a listen to the record below.

“Deep Dream is for those who demand something provocative with taste. In addition to entertaining, the album encourages listeners to take a hard look at how far they are willing to go in order to preserve themselves when faced with an imminent threat of a dystopian, post-human paradigm. Will they relinquish their humanity, only to be no more than pets or bacteria to their immortal overlords, or, are they determined to remain human?”

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Featuring such notable and OG punk/rock/alternative rock icons as Jill Emery (Mazzy Star, Hole); Don Bolles (The Germs); Dustin Boyer (John Cale); Paul Roessler (The Screamers, Twisted Roots, Nina Hagen); Mark Reback (Vast Asteroid); Ygarr Ygarrist (Zolar X) and Geza X (Geza X and the Mommymen, The Deadbeats), Richard James Simpson’s sophomore solo album, “Deep Dream”, offers ferocious, heart-wrenching songs that provide a unique sonic experience.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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