American hybrid heavy metal frontman Sergio Michel, known world-wide for his unique style of guitar playing and aggressive live performances, has released his new 19-song concept album, Tropical Depression, available now through Cold War Relic Records.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere Tropical Depression in full below:

According to the multi-faceted vocalist and guitarist, who currently calls Jupiter, Florida home, “The concept is the modern world. People are enslaved by social media and talking heads on the news. Nobody seems to be able to discern what makes sense anymore. People these days are investing in trivial things that have no value in the long run, like friendships.”

On the motivation behind Tropical Depression, Michel continues:

“I wrote Tropical Depression because, I can’t even… Never did I once consider a world where people get so self-obsessed that they risk their own safety for the perfect selfie. On TV, all you see are blatantly canned lies peddled with an agenda, aka Fake News. In every city, there are people willing to do anything, and hurt anyone, to ‘appear’ successful on the Internet, all the while struggling to even get by because of it. People neglecting their families, harmful ideologies destroying the nuclear family. Rampaging mobs burning down cities. Worst of all, the West is getting further and further away from what God intended. Someone had to have the balls to call it out. I’m that guy.”

Tropical Depression features artwork created by a Vietnamese artist named Thang Tran, based upon one of Michel’s hand-drawn images. “The idea was to capture a modern, trendy, affluent woman having everything destroyed by a hurricane,” explains Michel. “Tropical Depression is a play on words, a synonym for a hurricane, but also the concept that someone could live in ‘paradise’ and ‘have everything a person can want’ and still be totally depressed while having their life slowly chipped away to nothing.”

Watch the animated video for “Subhuman,” the first single from Tropical Depression, below:

Sergio Michel spent five years writing and recording Tropical Depression, with the assistance of drummer Rob Tucker, a fellow Floridian who also plays in former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted’s Chophouse Band.

Given the unfortunate fact that society’s attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter, releasing a 19-song double album is not exactly a typical operating procedure. “I don’t subscribe to the modern notions regarding music streaming and how releases are supposed to be done,” admits Michel. “I believe the modern online ‘single’ release way of doing things is a fad. To me, albums are king. I endeavored to write the ultimate album, which encompassed my ability to make very aggressive rock music while exploiting my pop sensibilities.”

To celebrate the release of Tropical Depression, Michel will be performing live on March 4 at The Kelsey Theater in Lake Park, FL. This socially distanced show will follow all local COVID-19 guidelines. Regular and VIP tickets can be purchased here. The concert will also be live-streamed, with pay-per-view tickets available here.

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