Out May 29, SNST’s It’s Hard to Be Loved by You, was mixed and masted in Texas and can be heard here first.

Whatever you think of Chris Broach’s past projects, SNST is different. Not in a strange way, but in the same way that all of his projects are. It’s unique and genre-defining in its own right — as Braid was — and as The Firebird Band was (with its electronic elements). Even his least-well-known and most-short-lived band L’ Spaerow had some of the more darkwave indie kids’ eyes and ears.

SNST, taken on their own, are a mix of all of the things that make Chris Broach and his wife Sonja Rae tick. The new album, It’s Hard to Be Loved By You, is an amalgam of synth and new wave, indie and post-punk guitar, heart-on-your-sleeve rock, and dark wave & indie dance beats and synth sounds.

With the addition of Sonja Rae on lead vocals, SNST have a strong, female lead and a more dynamic and unique sound. They are less crowded and more direct. They even border on a modern, pop approach to the songs.

Chris’s vocals—where he takes lead—are more understated than their first album, but at the same time, more earnest—and the interplay between Sonja Rae and Chris Broach works well. Chris says that he was feeling “uninspired and stuck in a rut lyrically” when he asked Sonja to try and write some vocals for the band.

“She breathed new life into these songs I had been working on, and with the first song, she wrote lyrics and vocals to, I was like—can you do another? So she would spend an hour writing and come down and lay it down, and I was floored because it was excellent. So, we just kept going until the record was finished. It inspired me very much to finish this record.”

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