Chicago atmospheric post-rock outfit Starless will be releasing their long-awaited, sophomore full-length, Hope Is Leaving You, on September 10.

New Noise have an exclusive premiere of the album, which you can stream below:

Proving that distorted and heaving, mood-driven sounds can intertwine with lovely and often melancholic choral harmonies, Starless deliver pulsing, abyssal chords, and relentless rhythms, manifesting sinewy, winding songs that ring with delicate melodies and soaring stabs of guitar howl.

Each track serving as its own epic journey, arrangements traverse rays of light escaping extreme weight, measuring a landscape of foreboding peril. Powerful plaintive cries seek explanation or absolution from an indifferent universe.

Recorded in 2019 at Electrical Audio and Palisades by Sanford Parker (Pelican, Eyehategod, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Planes Mistaken for Stars) and mixed at Parker’s own Hypercube by Parker and mastered at The Boiler Room by Colin Jordan (Helen Money, Spirit Adrift, The Lion’s Daughter), Hope is Leaving You is the second full-length release by this line-up.

A more dynamic and progressive departure from 2016’s Deadly Light, the group’s second LP focuses on songs about the human condition, manipulated by blind, colossal forces of nature. Sometimes tribal, sometimes in isolation, motifs search within worlds of darkness and beauty.

Jon Slusher (guitar/vocals) and Jessie Ambriz (guitar/vocals) formed Starless in 2014 and arrived at the current and most prodigious line-up in 2016 when joined by Quinn Curren (drums/vocals) and Alan Strathmann (bass/vocals). All veterans of various music scenes, they found a common thread in the grim and mournful, seeking a means to express a transcendence of the crushing gravity of a chaotic world.

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