New Noise Magazine is premiering the gripping record, The Day We Met, from The Other Stars. The record’s opening highlights the lyrical roller coaster unraveling across the record’s tracks. The Other Stars utilize this to help the instrumentation create a smooth surface to ride upon, with upbeat drums and bright guitars. Opener “Everyone I Know” opens the door for the journey with chord progressions and an ending whimsy of melody.

There are standout tracks ridden across The Day We Met. “Mr. Boston” rides waves of punk vitality with a bubbly charm. The title-track is one of the two tracks that utilizes more of a quiet, stripped down performance from the band, harnessing an acoustic guitar and vocals with delicate harmonies riding the atmosphere. “Fragile!” has incredible guitar lines and the most ambitious performance from The Other Stars. The vocals take a chance and burst through a higher pitch.

The Day We Met releases April 28th via Take This To Heart Records.

Singer/Guitarist Connor Bird said about the album, “It’s just a big stream of consciousness, anxiety fueled attempt to wax poetic through an incoherent mess of emotions.” Bird is entirely right, with The Day We Met spilling out sentiment in different tempos and tunes.

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