Comforting sounds, soothing textures and a brilliantly spaced atmosphere make up the serene landscape of Handcuffed Heart by Swoone. The project has an essence that feels weightless, gliding through life thanks to the breath of music. Opening track “This Bullet Never Kills” immediately gets to its vantage point, never letting the graceful sway dissipate. From there the record has opened its curtains and showcased its special repertoire. All of Handcuffed Heart plays like a continuous experience, a journey through the void and back into a cloud. “Terminal 3” is a highlight of the record with its ominously beautiful emptiness. Take a listen to the record below, and be prepared for its release on 08/17 via Saint Marie Records.

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Swoone is the unique combination of seductive vocals from Siobhan De Mare and captivating music by Gary Bruce.
Siobhan de Maré (daughter of Tony Meehan, drummer of the Shadows) with her former band Mono entered the UK charts reaching the Top 20, while track ‘Life In Mono’ was used for the soundtrack of the film Great Expectations featuring Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Siobhan went on to form Violet Indiana with the likes of Robin Guthrie, former guitarist of Cocteau Twins.

Gary is a self-taught composer and producer; he has no musical training or knowledge, his keyboard has the notes written on them pencil and he slowly develops guitar chords from scratch! Instead of using musical theory Gary painstakingly creates a musical landscape navigated by feelings alone. It is this probing of the heart that produces music that is refreshingly genuine and instantly arresting.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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