Solo projects can be some of the weirdest, most interesting things to witness. There are a lot of reasons that an artist might split off from another band to form one as well. The simplest explanation is that their other band broke up. Another is that an individual artist wanted to split off to explore some sonic territory their bandmates were leary of. Or maybe one member just has too much creative energy for a single project to contain.

When it comes to Teddy Panopoulos of Dead Waves, it’s the last one, plus being isolated in his apartment (plus surviving COVID) that has resulted in a fresh solo release titled, Lost in Love, out TOMORROW (9/25/20) via Entheon Records. 

You can stream the entirety of the weird, wiggly, and passionate antics of Teddy has to offer on his debut, solo EP below:

“I was going through a really sad time with personal heartbreaks and life changes and needed something to channel these feelings,” Teddy says of the emotionally uninhibited, synth, and vocal tracks that make up his new album. “And from all the downtime of being inside from the pandemic, I finally got to bring this project to fruition. When there was no one or nothing else to blame, I had to finally question myself. So basically, it’s a mission to really look at myself and heal from the pain and try to forgive myself and embrace love.”

Lost in Love was produced Victor Van Vugt, who has also worked with Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey, and whose expertise has really brought out the sense of isolation in the freaky psych-folk tracks that Teddy composed.

They really sound like they’re being half-heard across a field out in the American west, terminating from some compound known to be run by acid dropping, neon cultists. And somehow that will make you feel at home. Trust in Terry to lead you to the promised land!

Preorder Lost in Love from Entheon Records here.


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