Perth punks The Decline join forces with Oceanside, California’s Sic Waiting to release charity digital split Year Of The Crow / Stay Awake. Featuring a new, previously unreleased track from each band, the split brings two skate punk bands together who have been good mates for years to raise money for international animal welfare organization IFAW.

Year Of The Crow / Stay Awake will be available via all DSPs on Friday, 5 June through Pee Records, with all proceeds to be donated to IFAW.

“Year Of The Crow” is a previously unreleased track by The Decline, recorded in 2017 at Underground Studios in Booragoon, WA by Mark McEwen & Brody Simpson.

“Stay Awake” is a previously unreleased track from Sic Waiting,” says Jared Stinson. “It’s a b-side from the Derailer sessions that we were able to get our friend and Portland punk mainstay Brittany Howell to sing on. We recorded it with Derailer back in 2014-15, and it tells a small part of the story of a street worker in Las Vegas, NV.”

“Sic Waiting have been our mates for a heaps long time; one time Jared even played bass in our band The Decline for a U.S. West Coast tour, and spent most of it demonstrating to us that Del Taco is better than Taco Bell,” says Pat Decline. “‘Year Of The Crow’ is a new, unreleased song from a recording session a couple of years back. We wrote the lyrics to it in the back of an airport shuttle bus at the beginning of a European tour.”

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