The Kegels’ new record, Blood and Wine, is out now, and you can stream the entire thing here.

“Our New EP, Blood and Wine, is a truly collaborative work and was intended to be from day one,” the band says. “We wrote the songs in our studio in San Francisco all together with ideas formed on the spot. We wanted to bring songs that were personally relatable to our audience while keeping our punk rock tone. David Irish from Pot ‘On Gold Recordings in Orange, CA definitely contributed to the overall sound of the record and helped bring out our best. The title track has two short stories about being down on your luck, self-medicating with our reliable friend, wine. We kept a warm sound  overall, even adding an acoustic guitar track to the choruses, but the verses definitely carry the driving punk feel that is recognizably The Kegels.”

Follow them on Bandcamp to snag the new record. 


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