Umbilichaos is a slow and crushing solo project from São Paulo-Brazil, started in 2007 by artist Anna C. Chaos: songwriter, poetess, guitarist, singer, sound programmer, and feminist trans woman. Chaos will release a reimagined three-track album of earlier material titled Entrails Redux on December 3 through Sinewave.

Stream Entrails Redux in full below:

As Umbilichaos, she creates a sound experience abolishing conventional structures in favour of a cinematic take, evoking the most diverse thoughts and emotions. Inspired Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Neurosis, Godflesh, Melvins, Earth, Swans, Death, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, and Portishead.

With eleven records and other releases to date, Umbilichaos is the search for the construction of an epic and apocalyptic sound language in constant evolution.

On the album’s release, Chaos states:

“Those three songs that formed Entrails were spartanly rehearsed and sharpened in more than a dozen gigs in São Paulo in the prior semester. I still believe and feel the power of each riff and arrangement as I felt almost 15 years ago. All that I intended to Umbilichaos, were already there in the first work.”

Purchase and stream Entrails Redux here.

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