3 Doors Down
Us And The Night

To my knowledge, this is the first time I have heard 3 Doors Down. Though the name is vaguely familiar, and I’m sure at point you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing their music, I’m at a loss for what their hits were. With that said, the bulk of this album is quick paced, guitar driven radio rock, with well done vocals and moments of pianos, acoustic guitars, latin influences and pop flair. While it has a lot of the same arena rock appeal of giants like Foo Fighters or Jimmy Eat World, and it’s quite well executed, there’s a memorableness that’s just not present enough to absorb as well to someone like myself, i.e. someone without an affinity for post-grunge.

P.S. I was just reminded of what 3 Doors Down songs were all the rage 15 years ago. This is miles better than their earlier work. (Tom Haugen)

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