Metawar, the third album from L.A. industrial metallers 3TEETH finds the band moving to a much bigger label, Century Media, as well as enlisting the production acumen of Sean Beavan (NIN, Marilyn Manson), to create one monster of an album. The pressure was on for them to deliver, and they certainly have delivered, as Metawar is the band’s best album to date, and easily one of the best industrial rock albums to come out this year. 
You can tell the band took their time with this album, because each song is it’s own complete entity. Sonically, each song has many different layers that reveal themselves after multiple listens. From raging bangers, to more melodic fare, the band has covered all the bases. So, from a music standpoint, this album rages. But, what really puts it over the top, is the way the band’s scathing social commentary, remains intact, taking square aim all that is wrong with American consumerist and political culture. They’re still as subversive as ever. 
Metawar is one hell of a major label coming out party for 3TEETH. They’ve managed to move to a bigger label while keeping all their subversive wit intact, while delivering one monster of an album. This will certainly open a lot of ears to their brand of aggressive industrial rock shot through with a venomous dose of social commentary. Welcome to the future. 

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