7 Seconds
Leave A Light On
(Rise Records)

The last 7 Seconds full length was Take It Back… in 2005, some nine years ago. In that period of absence, the band has only released a 7” (My Aim Is You, via their new label home, Rise Records). As a result, Leave A Light On probably seems greatly overdue to longtime fans of Kevin and the gang. That being said, the album doesn’t disappoint. It’s highly energetic, catchy, and memorable.

Though the first half of Leave A Light On is easily the best – “Exceptional,” “Upgrade Everything,” and “Slogan On A Shirt” are some of the finest punk songs I’ve heard in a long time – the entire album is a winner. “My Aim Is You,” “Standing By Yourself,” and “Heads Are Bound To Roll” all come from the later section of the record, and are also songs you’ll want to have on repeat for days to come. Much of this listing is in that vein, which is great. There are only a couple songs out of the bunch that don’t come out swinging as well as those previously noted, but even they are still worth hearing.

Leave A Light On is a great return from the long-lived 7 Seconds. It’s the kind of record you could pop in at any time and feel your spirits rise. It’s just too damn fun to ignore. (Nathaniel Lay)

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