Ghost Note Manifest

Alvaro Che Rodriguez is known for his work as guitarist/vocalist of the critically acclaimed and politically charged prog/punk group Liquid Casing. This is his three songs EP that he performs everything on except for Ryan Jimenez – drums on “The Mechanical Motion of Dying Stars,” and Jason Sherman – drums on “Turnstile Intervention.”

Things start off with “The Mechanical Motion of Dying Stars,” and a slow build that gives way to some loud guitar playing and shouted vocals that carry into a groove that gets your head bobbing and really kicks off the three songs with a killer start. A nice slow, proggy middle calms things down and lets you float above the song until the buildup comes to a head and your grounded with the intensity of the song. “Turnstile Intervention” is a great instrumental track with a wall of power and intense playing that reminds you of the best of alt-rock and it just hits you hard and makes you want to listen to the song over and over again. “1st Assumptions vs. 2nd Doubts” is the last song and has a ‘60s – ‘70s hard rock sound that really grabbed me at first listen and just got better every time that I listened to it. The song has pounding drums with just a bit of chaos to it that makes it the stand out song on this EP.

With only three too short songs, you get a glimpse into the mind and talent of aCr and if this is just a taste…I can’t wait to get a full serving of what there is to offer in the future. A very cool and well-done EP. (Rick Ecker)

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