The Hundred Acre Woods
Cold In The Morning EP
(Lame-O Records)

Given the success of Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers, you had to expect every guitar player in a suburban garage band would be heading to Guitar Center to pick up a banjo. And while it’s pretty easy to spot the also-rans to the Folk/Pop/Bluegrass hybrid, Philly’s The Hundred Acre Woods may actually be the real deal; a band inspired by the music, rather one simply looking to jump on the closest bandwagon.

Although it’s just three songs, the band has made a pretty impressive introduction with their Cold In The Morning EP. The vocals are beautiful and the guitar/banjo combo is equally impressive. The first song, “Whiskey Thieves,” is the strongest, but really all three are solid contenders.

Although it’s difficult to judge a band on just a lone 7 inch, so far The Hundred Acre Woods is making an imposing name for themselves. (John B. Moore)

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