Antichrist Demoncore
(Melotov Records)

This is an awesome album. Just start with that. I got into these dudes when the stark, menacing visual of cover The Second Coming caught my eye. The silhouette of a satanic goat is captivating. And then I noticed the band’s name, ACxDC. That is undeniably bad ass. The trifecta was the frigging music. Powerviolence? Grindcore? Sludgy breakdowns amidst blast beats and pummeling thick, dark riffs all culminate into a violent spastic concoction. Call it whenever genre title you conjure, “evil shit” is good enough for me.

As I peer into their discography, it makes sense, this The Second Coming title, because that was released in 2011. And they started in 2003. They put out a demo in 2004; a seven inch in 2005. Then, a quiet six years followed. So when this resurrection occurred, shit must have fallen into place. This SoCal/LA five piece slays fools through live releases, splits and comps over the prior three years. Unrelenting and never resting, they have had a flood of output.

And now, on the seventh day, we get an epic full length, their first. Treacherous, punishing music emits from these dudes. Lyrics of self-hate, enmity, depression, failure, society, religion, (dead) cops and all the trappings and disdainful pain of life are spewed with vicious spite and rage. Not a surprise when frontman Amalfitano has described the band’s mission as a “war on any and all fundamentalism”. And they live up to that credo.

The exemplary production was handled by Taylor Young, drummer of Nails. He plunged to new depths of heavy with XIbalba’s last full length; and produced Twitching Tongues as well. For mastering, Brad Boatright skillfully balanced these tunes as he has for High on Fire and From Ashes Rise. Not too shabby. Current drummer Jorge Luis Herrera plays for powerviolence veterans, Despise You.

While ACxDC have dealt with top labels of noise like To Live A Lie and Deep Six, they now land here on Melotov. Hardcore upstart, Melanie Voltz of LA, just got a distro deal for Melotov through Deathwish Inc and has a roster of killer bands. Although, this release may be the gnarliest, loudest, angriest, toughest yet.

If you want the representation of extremes in fast, heavy, enraged music to be elevated and boundaries razed, cop this album. Flawlessly executed.

RIYL: Phobia, Colin of Arabia, Nails, APMD, Xibalba, Napalm Death, Siege, Dropdead, The Secret, Infest, Left for Dead, Tri-State Killing Spree, Capitalist Casualties, The Horror, Voestek (Hutch)

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