Adrenaline Mob
Men Of Honor
(Century Media Records)

If I judged this as a metal album, then that wouldn’t be right. It would be unfair to the hard rock audience as this clearly isn’t a heavy metal record. It does contain some metal elements, but that’s not what Adrenaline Mob is. Adrenaline Mob is a catchy hard rock band with a great vocalist, memorable riff melodies and a drummer who sounds like he knows what he’s doing behind the kit. These guys actually let loose with some potent solos also, showing that they really bring the metal muscle into these compositions, just like Alterbridge did last year. While many of the down-tuned riffs are dead on for bands like Soil, Nickelback and Drowning Pool, (who the band reminds me quite a bit of) the effort on this disc is quite formidable. Men Of Honor is chock full of earworms of several different varieties, from the killer title track to the soft ballad “Behind These Eyes” and it’s certain that these guys know exactly what kind of feelings they want to elicit with this one. “Feel The Adrenaline” is a full-octane ode to driving loud and fast, as “House Of Lies” is a song that apparently entails rabid sexual intercourse with a female of the promiscuous variety… Yeah, you get the idea.

Even though the album doesn’t look like much in the beginning, it delivers with hit after hit after hit and doesn’t let up until it’s through. This record definitely takes you on a ride and is just what you’re looking for if you’re tired of Imagine Dragons clogging up rock radio with their hit “Radioactive.” That’s not even a rock song as much as it’s a pop track, folks. Let’s be reasonable – Adrenaline Mob is real hard rock. They did a bang-up job with last year’s Coverta EP and Men Of Honor proves that these guys are no fluke. The album is spilling out with material that you’ll be humming for days and is the perfect gift for that hard rocker in your life. These guys really put the balls back into hard rock, and I’ll have to thank them for that. (Eric May)

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