New Bodies
(InVogue Records)

It’s been nearly six years since the band’s last album, but Akissforjersey are back in the circuit with their junior record, New Bodies. Their brand of post-hardcore brings to mind early screamo acts like Across Five Aprils and Scary Kids Scaring Kids; this means the sound hasn’t revolutionized really in the years that have passed. Akissforjersey takes what used to be very popular, and throw it back to the forefront. As fun as nostalgia can be, the formula here grows tiresome easily, making it pretty obvious the last time this band was steadily recording.

New Bodies shines primarily in its melodic sections, most notably during tracks “Revival”, “New Bodies”, “Widow/Maker”, and “Bones”. The band also gets points during their more energized sections, like those found during “War” and “Dear Wayward (There Is No Hope Yet)”. And, despite some annoyances from “Fell Short, Walk Tall” and the continued noise into “Blind & Bound”, New Bodies closes very strongly. “Everything New” is a soothing and beautiful final track; the band could easily write an entire record in this style and have it be a hit.

Akissforjersey may be dated in a lot of ways, but there are still enjoyable moments throughout New Bodies. It is worth checking out at the very least, especially if you were a fan of early screamo and post-hardcore that helped establish what metalcore has become over recent years. (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase New Bodies here: http://invoguerecords.merchnow.com/


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