All Out War
Dying Gods
(Organized Crime Records)

Long-running New York based All Out War have blasted back onto the heavy metal music scene with a brand new EP titled Dying Gods on Organized Crime Records, which offers 5 new tracks and cover songs of Amebix and Carnivore. All Out War have taken a step back to their early sound and have infused it with their current sound to bring you a pummeling no holds barred solid metal/hardcore release.

Mike Score takes you on a personal lyrical journey with themes such as politics, corruption of organized religion, and ecocide with passionately screamed vocals. While the rest of the band – Erik Carrillo, Andy Pietrolouge, Taras Apuzzo, Jesse Sutherland – weave a heavy metal background of sound, and when you combine them all you get grinding, heartfelt, pounding metal with Slayer-like solos.

The band is nearing its two and a half decade mark and show no signs of slowing down. All Out War has a new release under their belt so look forward to seeing them tearing up stage all summer. (Mr. D)

Purchase Dying Gods here.

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