It’s not often you find a band that takes as much inspiration from Dr. John as Black Sabbath, but Nashville’s All Them Witches are anything but route.

At the crossroads of hard sludgy rock and psychedelic with hypnotic swirling guitars, the band’s latest, Nothing As The Ideal, goes even further off the musical ledge than their earlier efforts, finding the band at their most experimental. And the result, though it may take a few cycles to catch, is a wildly satisfying experience.

Though the album houses just eight tracks, there are definitely some songs more challenging than others, in particular, the creepy audio clips at the beginning of the unnerving “See You Next Fall,” but more often than not, that experimentation, tape loops and all, pays off. Elsewhere, a song like “The Children of Coyote Woman” is among the best the band has recorded in their brief but prolific career.      

From the stunning instrumental of “Everest” to the slow burn of “Saturnine & Iron Jaw,” the band careens in and out of musical genres managing to be both raw and brutal one moment and serene the next. To punctuate the point, the band ends the record on the fierce “Lights Out” followed by the subtle, strikingly beautiful “Rats In Ruin” (also the best track on the record).

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