Buried inside the stacks of Ancient Whales’ record collection, you’re bound to find everything from Husker Du and My Bloody Valentine to Marc Bolan and Bowie. On their latest, Vestiges Of Tails Appear In All Of Us, the band leave no influence behind.

The sloppy, frenetic, sometimes-catchy LP is a love note to garage rock, punk, the occasional hook and noise—sweet, distorted, cracking noise. Across a baker’s dozen of new songs, the band doesn’t evolve their sound much, but that’s hardly a deterrent to fans of the underground group.

The group’s most accessible song here is the opening track “Stick and Poke,” an infectious, riff-heavy song, with innocuous lyrics that almost boarder on pop—albeit very loud, dirty pop. The same can almost be said for the collection of songs that follow, “To Be” and “Everything.”

Elsewhere, the band dives deeper into their punk influences, bringing in snatches of The Stooges and early Meat Puppets complete with the occasional psychedelic flourishes. In the span of just about 30 minutes, Ancient Whales manage to cycle through a slew of great noise bands from the ’70s up to the late ‘90s for a record that seems steeped in nostalgia and still somehow manages to be contemporary.

Still, it’s hard to dismiss the moments of repetitiveness throughout the record where songs almost bleed into each other with little distinction. While it’s certainly not for everyone, Ancient Whales have still managed to put out a solidly strong effort that’s bound to find its audience.

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