Ajay Mathur
9 to 3

Indian-born Swiss singer and songwriter Ajay Mathur has released his latest album with help from Fausto Medici (drums and percussion), Christian Winiker (guitars), and Richard Hugener (bass). Mathur, who does vocals, guitars, and keyboards on the album, mixes up psychedelic, Americana, alternative, rock, and pop music on this release.

The guitar playing from Christian Winiker is clean, the drums and percussion from Fausto Medici shows his passion and talent, and the bass work by Richard Hugener is concise and allows for just the right amount flash in the music. “My World (SOS To The Universe)” has a children’s vocal choir on it and with excellent lyrics, it is a track that demands a second and third listen. “View From The Top”, “I Song” and “Surfing Girl (Cyber Monday Mix)” show just how much fun and exciting this band can be when they just let loose and let themselves hit a groove that gets your adrenaline pumping. “Nothing Really Matters” is a slow and emotional song that is a powerful rock anthem. “Latin Lover” is a synth-led, jazz track that is nice and smooth. “Oh Angel”, seamlessly combines the sounds of a harp, a sitar, guitars, and drum and by a crystalline bell sound makes for a gentle, soothing sound.

This is a very unique album, with a feel of how albums used to be, full of surprises and risks that take you on a trip and engage your mind as well as your ears. Grab a copy and relive the good old days, and try to make people see that this is the way that music should be. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase 9 to 3 here.

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