If you ever doubt the powerfully addictive international pull of Oi music- that fantastic late ‘70s punk rock export from England – just know that a band from Atlanta (ATLANTA!) has just released an Oi record that would make Cock Sparrer beam with pride.

Kings, the band’s follow up to their debut, Working Class Street Punks, was five years in the making. And it’s everything you’re looking for in a street punk album: quick bursts of ferocity, wrapped in soaring gang vocals that stick with you for hours. Across 10 tracks, the six piece churns out a blistering, raucous record filled with surprisingly optimistic lyrics.

Crammed with themes of overcoming obstacles, drinking and sticking together, Antagonizers ATL aren’t exactly breaking new ground lyrically, but on tracks like “Black Clouds” and the wildly infectious “Trouble” they prove they really don’t have to. The album is a huge step forward for the band and they have found the ideal home at Pirates Press Records.

The label is putting out Kings on gold vinyl (500 pieces); black vinyl (300 pieces); and ultra clear w/blood red and gold vinyl (200 pieces).

Purchase it here.  


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