Anthony Green
Pixie Queen
(Memory Music)

Anthony Green has been a staple in the alternative music scene in one way or another for over a decade. He is the frontman of two beloved alternative rock outfits – Saosin and Circa Survive – and he has consistently released solo music since 2008. Green’s music has always covered a variety of topics, but his solo work has always had one consistent theme – his family. He has released a number of songs over the years that are in one way or another about his wife or his kids. Being a parent becomes a huge part of anyone’s life, so it’s not surprising that he opts for his solo music to focus on that aspect of his life.

Saosin and Circa Survive may be a part of who Green is, but they also represent a culmination of hard work and effort from the other musicians in each band. Green’s solo work is unequivocally him. The covers of his solo albums usually feature his wife and/or children. This is the case for the cover of Pixie Queen as well, which features a photo of his wife naked next to a campfire. The album covers feature his family, so naturally the content of his songs tend to focus on his family as well.

In “Better Half” and “Pixie Queen,” Green is tender and sweet. As you might suspect, both of the songs are about his wife. He has written plenty of tracks about her in the past, and yet he still manages to find unique and loving ways to express his adoration for her. “Will It Be” is a song specifically written for his boys as he asks himself what he can do to be a good father to them. This is a struggle that any parent could go through, so it’s something that could be relatable to fans who are also parents.

One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is “You’ll Be Fine.” The song is one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, which is a refreshing break from the tracks that have a slower tempo. The song tackles Green’s fears about becoming a father. He had struggled with a drug addiction for many years, and had become a “bad husband.” This song is a written affirmation of those fears. Another notable track is the single “A Reason To Stay.” The song touches on fatherhood once again, as he reminisces about a time when he and his wife did not have the responsibilities.

Green ties in quite a few influences to create the sound for Pixie Queen. The songs are generally a mix of poppy beats and folky guitars. Due to the personal nature of the lyrics, all of the songs create a vulnerable intimacy between Green and the listener. He gives fans some insight into his family life and the thoughts that go through his head as a family man without divulging more information than is necessary to make a connection. Pixie Queen is not a groundbreaking album. It is, however, something that will be enjoyable for any fan of his solo work. The songs are a bit more laid back than what is expected from his other projects, which is an opportunity for him to explore his softer side. Judging by his lyrics, it’s clear that Green is a loving family man first, and an active musician second.

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