Anti-Flag are one of the few bands I’ve been listening to for some 20 years now. Generally, I either love their albums or feel “meh” towards them. 2020 Vision doesn’t live up to the excellence of American Spring or American Fall, sadly.

Though 2020 Vision has its charms—like the powerful and poignant “Hate Conquers All,” the hard-hitting catchiness of “You Make Me Sick,” or the acoustic goodness of “Un-American”—it also feels a little uninspired at times (which is strange, considering the band has targeted the Trump era. I would have expected that focus to fuel some crazy anthems).

There aren’t enough memorable moments to be found here, so if you’re like me and feed off the melodies of punk anthems, this collection may feel a bit disjointed to you as well.

I also had a personal issue with “Christian Nationalist”—though catchy, there’s a heavy focus on the “Christian” label, which is unfair. I’m a Christian, and I disagree with Trump and his insanity. I have absolutely nothing against LGBT people or people of different races. Though married to a woman, I’m not straight. You can be Christian and not be high on bigotry.

Complaints aside, 2020 Vision still offers several excellent tracks and messages I support (for the most part). This just isn’t one of their “wow” albums for me. Solid, but not mind-blowing.

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