Anvil is Anvil

Last year, the Mrs. and I were able to catch metal’s biggest underdogs/real life Spinal Tap in some random little dive bar. I was surprised by just how hard they played that night on top of a nearly two-hour long set. I’m equally impressed by how much effort it seems they put into their latest release, Anvil is Anvil, even if they do appear to be “borrowing” a tad much from the likes of Megadeth or Motorhead (though not to the point of ripping anyone off). “Daggers and Rum” sets the tone for a disc suitable to throw on while just having a few brews with the guys. Other tracks like “Up, Down, Sideways,” “Gun Control,” and “Zombie Apocalypse” add to the overall fun. So sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy! (Jesse Striewski)

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