Various Artists
All Your Friend’s Friends
(K Records)

If you’ve been following the history of K Records, you’re well aware of how much creativity they’ve brought to the world, exposing hundreds of artists with talents that might have otherwise gone unheard. So when I caught wind of a compilation album composed entirely of samples from releases on the label, it didn’t really surprise me that K Records was behind the endeavor. Continuing their tradition of exposing underappreciated outfits, over 30 MCs from the Northwest display their respective talents in this beat heavy, hip-hop album with moments of soul and electro-pop. While I did recognize samples of Doug Martsch (Built To Spill) and Mirah, even to the die-hard fan of the label much of this will sound new. Standouts include any of the 4 tracks Xperience handles, though there isn’t a dud in the bunch. (Tom Haugen)

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