Enthroned In Flesh
(Triumvirate Records)

Swedish black metal trio Astrophobos’ newest offering, Enthroned in Flesh, has a really cool album cover. A sort of dark snake frog monster sits it its throne amongst skulls and the universe. It’s so wicked. But does the music live up to this compelling cover?

At night—when most mortals sleep for their next day of chores and stinkery, and you sit gazing the eternal flame—is when you play the album. During the daytime it won’t do you any good; it’ll sound as if the band were borrowing your soul without a true purpose. But at night, yes: the cover and the music intertwine, and the apex is reached: an alphabet of black metal and grim thrash. Leveling you deep and straight.

The four tracks on the album lay upon one another as bricks in a forest hell. There’s epic guitar simulation, pummeling drums, and a strong voice. Again, at night, this stuff really comes through. I could see taking a long walk through the shadowy night woodland with my trusty headphones and digging this thing hard. “The Candle Monarch” bends feverish and muscular: a classic approach. It has an early ‘90s black metal rational: heart ripping and indifferent. It’s also scary with a grotesque way about it. These dark feelings lay in the cracks, the gutters, and peel away at your sanity.

The night will calm. The day will come. The vampires will cease their feeding. This is when you put Enthroned in Flesh back in its hiding place, safe from the sunlight. The darkness and shiny highs will rest; waiting patiently for the next bleak stone night to come. But the sunlight is good too. And all good things are universal. Astrophobos live in a particular dimension, and they’ll be damned to travel out of it. And that’s cool. If it’s grim stuff you’re after, look no further: this is your ticket.

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