The Atlas Moth
The Old Believer
(Profound Lore)

As a reviewer, obviously it’s my job to tell you why a record is/isn’t or may/may not be worth your time. Sometimes, however, I get a record thrown my way that is very, very hard to make up my mind on. One such case is The Atlas Moth. They are a band I’ve always had trouble describing to people and one that seems to be slightly polarizing in the extreme music community. I think the main reason they are so hard to describe is because their sound is so unique, it could literally be called “progressive post-sludge.”

The Atlast Moth first gained my attention after reading a quote about them that said “If you grew up living in a swamp wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt and ate nothing but fried chicken, this is your band.” After such a glorious description, I had no choice but to check them out. Over the years, however, their sound has undergone a bit of an evolution into territory similar to bands like Isis and Cult Of Luna, yet still retaining its own identity. Part of that identity is their unique vocal approach which includes a very fair mix of clean singing and scorching screams. One of the highlights of their singing on this album is the album’s title track “The Old Believer,” specifically at the 4:08 mark.

Musically, this record explores territory that at times has a sludgy Mastodonian stomp and other times has a decidedly more dreamy, ethereal touch. That combination of beauty and heaviness that they apply to both their riffs and their vocals is one that isn’t for everyone, but certainly gives them their own, unique niche in the extreme metal genre. These guys are definitely a band worth keeping an eye on, because they seem to get better and better with each record. (Brandon Ringo)

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