Attik Door
Never in Agreement

Emerging in early 2011, Attik Door encompasses a variety of musical styles to create a unique hard rock / alternative sound. They draw inspiration from a wide range of artists from Led Zeppelin and System of a Down to Sade and Black Eyed Peas, and forge a unique sound of melodic and heavy riffs in equal measure. The band members all come from various corners of the former USSR, and the songs are predominantly done in English, ensuring as wide of an audience as possible. Now situated in San Francisco, the band is lead by solo guitarist Alex, the band consists of Liana Tovmasyan on vocals, Margarita Grabarova on bass, Tim Shulepov on rhythm guitar and Igor Boyko on the drums.

Tovmasyan has a touch of Gwen Stefani in her vocals, along with a hint of Kumi from Love Psychedelico which sounds great on this album with the slightly poppier sound mixed with the rocking out from the band. The songs have a ton of energy and you can definitely hear that they are having a great time playing them, and that really gives the album a great feel that makes for repeated listens. “Posers” has a great hard rock sound that never lets you go, and that carries over to “Bleed” which is one of the highlights of the album. “California” is a bit slower, but not really a ballad, just a great mixture of slow and fast beats that have that Love Psychedlico feel to it, but a bit harder rocking in parts. “Snorting Headlines” brings back the heavy sound and keeps it going right into “Cyber World.” The album ends with “Time,” the closest Tovmasyan gets to sounding like Gwen Stefani, but with no sound of ska, just a thick rock sound. The band really plays their hearts out, heavy, soft and with power and a skill that leaves you wanting more.

Definitely a great album that shows the depth of their abilities and really gets the feet moving, and makes you wonder how they would sound in a live setting. This is the kind of band that I crave to find in my neck of the woods playing, but I never seem to get that lucky. (Rick Ecker)

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