Guilty Pleasure
(Razor & Tie)

Attila really hit the nail on the head when they titled their latest record; Guilty Pleasure is an embarrassingly foul and stupid collection of songs that should be kept to yourself. Though About That Life did take a things up a notch in its own right, it still remained an incredibly fun release. Guilty Pleasure, however, is excessively over-the-top, and ultimately becomes a distraction within itself from the moment it starts. For example, the title track alone has twelve F-words in just the first minute, and the song goes on to follow this pattern throughout. And it’s not the only track that goes too far; it’s a continuous feature of the record from beginning to end. Admittedly, half of Guilty Pleasure is still fun and (even) catchy, but the language is a definite problem. In the past, the band had an acceptable amount of aggressive hatred in their lyrics to match the party antics of their metal sound. But now, it’s just annoying. Apparently, Attila just have nothing worth saying anymore. Guilty Pleasure basically repeats itself the entire ride. Fuck, shit, cunt, bitch, suck my dick, I love titties…et cetera, et cetera. By the time I reached the half way mark, I was counting down the minutes until the album was over. It’s hard to get through this one, and that’s a bad sign. Guilty Pleasure is just as the name suggests. Sadly, this is the band’s first bad effort in their run. Hopefully, it will be the only one. (Thomas Lehane)

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