Austrian Death Machine
Triple Brutal
(Artery Recordings)

When I first learned Austrian Death Machine was releasing a new album after Tim Lambesis’s um, let’s just say legal problems last year, I was thoroughly thrilled. Once more the As I Lay Dying front man and mastermind behind the beast that is A.D.M. delivers the goods on yet another Schwarzenegger-themed metal disc (the band’s third full-length). There’s still plenty of “Ahhnold” jokes and references, but some songs actually work well as stand-alone hard hitters that demand to be taken seriously, especially tracks like “I’ll Be Back” and the nearly flawless “Prepare to be Conquered.” However, the joke does begin to wear off about halfway through (it could’ve accomplished the same thing had it been cut a tad shorter than it’s eighteen tracks), but those who enjoy their metal laced with an abundance of quotes from cheesy action flicks should not be let down. (Jesse Striewski)

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