On their debut, full-length album Deceptis, Swedish black metal legion Avslut took the opportunity to strike up some of the most razor-sharp and well-oiled black metal in modern times. The end result was a thrillingly dynamic, intensely despairing piece with every lyric spoken in the bands native tongue.

November 29 marked the release date of the band’s latest offering, Tyranni, which, like their debut album, released through French record label Osmose Productions. Given the indomitable nature of Deceptis, it is inevitable that expectations for the band’s sophomore release would be high. Rest assured, Avslut have honed their aggression, becoming darker, faster, and more cold-blooded than ever before.  

Tyranni ignites with the same sort of intensity that hooked listeners on their debut. The self titled track storms out of the gate, keeping both the band’s speed and melancholic string melodies fully intact. Something that piqued my interest in Avslut early on was their vicious, technical nature.

“Likvidering” produces a shadowy complexity and is a powerful example of the bands use of technical nuances, which stands out in adding more dimension to their assertive sound. Avslut apply a more sonic force, most notably in tracks “Underjordens Apostlar,” “Pestens Lärjungar,” and “Dråp,” similar to the aggression heard from Dark Funeral or Marduk.

The instrumental attack throughout these tracks brings forth rapid blasting and infernal chaos. As blistering and frigid as these tracks get, the band does a good job interweaving those subtle atmospheric qualities and musical breaks throughout the album.

“Ändlöst Slaveri” is an ambitious and all-encompassing track that takes the listener through all that Avslut represents musically, including some of their most coldly melodic string work on the album. Clocking in at nearly nine minutes, the band uses a touch of symphonic elements (present throughout the entire album) and enhance the entire listening experience. 

Avslut are another shining example of the sheer, musical assault that can be produced from their country of origin. Tyranni is razor-sharp and darkly abrasive, something all fans of black metal should be looking into.

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