Bad Suns
Disappear Here
(Vagrant Records)

Bad Suns seem to be one of the forgotten gems amidst the 80s-infusion indie pop/rock explosion of the past few years. Part of this is that their sound, while extremely catchy, isn’t exactly novel or hip. While most indie bands have traded in their guitars for synths, Bad Suns, much like fellow practitioners Last Dinosaurs and Two Door Cinema Club, utilize synths more as an augmenting agent than a crutch. Bad Suns’ aim is simple yet brutally effective: craft excellent guitar pop that sticks in your head. In that realm, Disappear Here is a success, as the best tracks are truly impressive pop ditties. Even the duller moments are generally well done, making Bad Suns’ sophomore outing a consistently fun listen, even if it is a bit uneven.

Lyrically, the band clearly get some inspiration from The Cure and The Smiths, as Disappear Here traffics in occasional moments of dreariness that are in stark contrast with the summer-y musical vibe. Bad Suns don’t go full-on into that style like The 1975 (and it’s probably for the better), but it creates some humorous spots when the lyrics and melody don’t match up.

Overall, it feels like nitpicking to point out problematic tracks. Even weaker tracks like “Heartbreaker”, “Off She Goes”, and “Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win” have their moments. On the other hand, “Patience” and “Violet” are hip-shaking wonders. As stated above, Bad Suns may lack a completely unique identity and suffer from slightly uneven returns, but when you can pump out such a great Summer record (at the tail end of the season, no less), it’s easy to forgive its flaws. Bad Suns are impressive song and hook writers, so it’s OK that they don’t ace all 11 outputs. Disappear Here is loads of fun.

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