I don’t have a boat, but Bandaid Brigade’s debut album I’m Separate makes me feel like I’m coasting along a sparkling lake with the summer breeze catching each flowing hair on my skull.

Travel Light by Bandaid Brigade

I don’t drink wine coolers, but the aforementioned feeling of being on a boat is heightened when I listen to their single “Travel Light.” An effervescent, bubbly beverage feels omnipresent in my hands with that song. It’s a cheeky track that will give you a vacation state of mind. The music video expands on the dreamy friendship of its musicians Zach Quinn (of PEARS) and Brian Wahlstrom (of Scorpios), complete with pink disco balls and Jimmy Buffet vibes. It bubbles with optimism and makes spin class look like the best party ever.

Quinn and Wahlstrom come from a powerful background of punk rock and hardcore. On I’m Separate, they spread their wings further than ever before. Keyboards and dramatic grinding effects create the backdrop of “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today” with Wahlstrom singing in a shuttered tone. Scattered notes and wincing words of being lonely make this track feel like an early sketch of a song from Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 Downward Spiral. The despair is short-lived as “Holding Steady” follows this song with choppy guitars and rising harmonies that fit into Genesis gene pool.

These two crossed paths through their collaborations with Joey Cape of Lagwagon. Through Cape’s One Week Records home studio, they each made a record during a week visit with him. It’s a unique approach to creating music that has informed this project. There are no boundaries in one’s creativity when the traditional approaches and rules are broken down. Get on your own vessel, ship, or watercraft and set sail with I’m Separate.

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