If a psychedelic summer afternoon manifested itself into music, Barrie’s debut album would be the result. With Happy To Be Here, The Brooklyn five-piece have put forth an impressive collection of starry-eyed pop with a twist. Complete with lushly layered vocals, luminous synth, and irresistible guitar grooves, Happy To Be Here makes a strong showing of experimental pop.

Though the group met in Brooklyn, Barrie is a patchwork of musicians from vastly different backgrounds, lending to their undeniably unique sound. Band founder and namesake Barrie Lindsay shared the inspiration for the album:

“The scaffolding of this album is moving to New York and finding these people that make up the band. We’re very different, but we cover each other’s gaps personally and creatively, and are eager to learn from each other.”

Lead track and single “Darjeeling” sets the tone for album: soft yet explosive, driven by an enchanting upbeat melody and delicate vocals that envelope the listener in a warm, welcoming haze. “Clovers” is a delicious daydream of a song, driven by a twinkling piano beat underneath flared guitar notes and honeysweet harmonies. “Habits” and “Saturated” follow the same shimmery sound, before the staccato synth of “Chinatown” gives the album a splash of a faster pace. A particular standout is “Casino Run.” The song is positively psychedelic, with heavily layered and distorted vocals that reach out with fuzzy fingers to grab onto listeners in an enchanting trance.

Happy To Be Here is a kaleidoscope of album: full of twinkling, contrasting elements that all manage to align to a seamless, cohesive piece. By leaning into their musical differences, Barrie highlights the best in its members, and in turn crafted an album as surprising as it is satisfying. Trippy and mellow, shimmering and unpredictable, Happy To Be Here solidifies Barrie’s place as an indie-pop force to be reckoned with.

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