(Hopeless Records)

Anthony and crew just can’t stop topping themselves it seems. Since Killing Time, Bayside have come back stronger and stronger with every passing release. Their seventh LP could very well be their best collection yet, as Vacancy plays like one of Bayside’s decade old releases, but wiser and more accomplished. Anthony’s recent separation and isolation really worked in the advantage of his lyrics here, giving them more piss and vinegar than we’ve heard in a while. “Two Letters” is a break-up anthem of loss and adjustment, “Not Fair” has a wonderful groove to it that brings to mind The Walking Wounded, “Rumspringa (Heartbreak Road)” does what “Blame It On Bad Luck” did for the band’s self-titled record (oomph!), and “It’s Not As Depressing As It Sounds” closes the record with a reflective slow dance worth exploring on a deeper level. Vacancy is the kind of rock record that makes you think, feel, and get rambunctious, often simultaneously. All hail, Bayside!

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